Who are we?

Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.

Therefore, we will not provide you with a solution, we would not use ourselves. 
Effata means To open up and we mean it.
We open up for:

  • Other solutions than what the tech-giants try to enforce on you
  • People that need internships or new ways in life
  • Countryside places to work from
  • Better values than sharp elbows and constant race for market shares.

The Team

  • Kjetil Andre Fleten

    Happy. Likes to work with people. Pretty spontaneous if given time to think first.
  • Mike Ilkær

    Mike is pretty technical for a technician and he excels at technical things.
  • Martin Slot-Thomsen

    Controls and maintains an entire school and is pretty sharp when it comes to network.
  • Claus Escobedo León Madsen

    Claus solves complex tasks that Kjetil cannot do himself.
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