Effata means “Open up”.
It encapsulates how we work, our solutions and our challenge to you.

Humans are more important than IT

We think the tech-giants are horrible. They enslave you with their licenses and mindset. They reap your personal data for the sake of their own profit.

They lock you in!

We think Opensource is great. We wish you to experience solutions based on OpenSource that are just as simple to use, as what you are already using.

We open up!

Monopolies are bad

Take control of your own data.
You are not locked into expensive ecosystems, when you use open source.
You will get the same functionality and performance you expect, more flexibility and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

We can help with


We plan, implement and monitor your network. From the smallest offices to the biggest datacentres.

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We have more than 20 years experience with network and support of small and large businesses in multiple countries.

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We build cloud solutions. We host Ubuntu desktops, Web- & Mailservers, Backups, Nextcloud and much more!

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We work for

  • Private

    Don't buy a new computer. Your current one is just fine. Just upgrade the harddrive and install Ubuntu.
  • SMB

    We think you should do, what you're best at. Let us take care of your IT.
  • Public

    The Danish Data Protection Agency says no to Chromebooks in schools. Good decision! Come to us!
  • Corporate

    We have more than 20 years experience as consultants for big corporations.



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What is on your mind?
We will listen and give you a solution that will make you happy.

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