Did your computer store advise you to buy a new PC last time you visited them ?

That's up to you, of course. We believe that your PC can have a few more years if you ask us. Our Faithful-IT conncept, implies more than just an Ubuntu installation on your PC - it's about giving you a good experience, and the support you need.


We admire teachers that tries to use IT in a classroom:
They are like stuntmen ! They know in advance, that their lesson will be spoiled, if the systems don't work immediately, because they will loose the pupils attention.

We know the importance of reliable educational solutions - so we invented the "Samson"-project.


It can be hard to keep up with all the new technologies, and without knowledge of it you cannot make the right strategic decision. Our demands are clear: The solution must be reliable, scalable, secure and have a low TCO.

We are masters of the technology who can give you these benefits!