"Samson" - strong enough to bring hope.

On September the 16. something special started in the mountain village of Høre in Valdres, Norway.

A minibus with residents from the local refugee camp, came in to the school yard, of the now abandoned local school. In one of the classrooms, Ubuntu laptops where ready for the newly arrived. Old used laptops, donated by locals, and now prepared for our “Samson”-educational concept. A concept configured by our crew in coordination with two students from business academy Aarhus in Denmark. “Samson” provides a remote Ubuntu desktop to our servers running on OpenStack.

OpenStack ? Refugees ? “Samson” ? Students from Aarhus ? Abandonned school in the Norwegian mountains ? – What’s all this about ?

It’s about hope.

The refugees that now comes to our class three days a week, have got their application for citizenship rejected. Their average time in the camp is 5,5 years. In this time, they are not allowed to work or study.

We have got an exception approved by the Norwegian authorities, to do a pilot project: We have gathered a group of rejected refugees to give them a basic IT-network certification. This kinds of skills are higly valuable in most parts of the world, and bring hope that they might go on with their lifes.


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